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naming considerations

When naming or renaming your business or product, you have a few options for the type of name. Here is a case study of a company that deals with Middle Eastern analysis that I was hired to rename.


Literal, to the point. Describes the business without any added implications. May be an acronym or abbreviation if the name is unusually long.

  • Center for Arabic Media Analysis / CAMA
  • Arabic Media Research Center
  • Middle East Media Archive / MEMA
  • Center for Arabic Media Research
  • Middle East Media Research Center
  • Arabic Media Research and Analysis Center


Taking history, metaphors, simplifications, or poetic license with a name to connect it to a broader idea.

  • Ayin (letter from Arabic alphabet; represents language, journalism, communication; means “eye”)
  • Euphrates (a river in the Middle East)
  • Hazara (Arabic for “notify, inform”)
  • Hamsa (Arabic for “five;” commonly used in depicting the open right hand)
  • Marefa (Arabic for “knowledge, knowing, learning, information, awareness, familiarity”)
  • Sahafa (Arabic for “news media”)
  • Crescent (represents the “fertile crescent,” civilization, Middle East)


A combination of two words into one. Good for creating a unique, original, and copyright-friendly name, but be careful as sometimes they can border on silly-sounding.

  • Merean (Middle East + research + analysis)
  • Acrean (acquire + research + analyze)
  • Aramesis (Arabic + media + analysis)
  • Memedia (Middle East + media)
  • Alayin (al + ayin)